Monday, January 29, 2007

Jake in the van!


Right now we are in the van on our way home from Indiana, so to have a
little fun we are turning the heat all the way up so Austin will wake
up and wonder why he is so sweaty. Thats what happens when you fall
asleep in the van. I'll be honest with you I am the worst at typing
in the world! This has taken me 6 hours! But anyways we have been
having a blast, we have been killing Switchfoot's new CD "oh gravity",
but until next time much luv from your brother j-a-k-e aka chezworth.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Favorite Song Results

Hey guys happy 2007! Thanks so much for all the feedback we received over the holiday! It is awesome that every song on the CD was chosen by at least one person as their favorite song.

Here are the top 3 winners:
1st– Tears of the Saints
2nd– Carried to the Table
3rd– Sound of Melodies

We are so grateful for all of your support and we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts! Because "Carried To the Table" was the second favorite song, we are adding it to our music player on MySpace. We have some really exciting things coming up in the near future so keep visiting and for more information, and make sure you sign up for our newletter. We hope to see you all out on the road this year!

Thanks again,

Leeland & Team

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We want to hear from you!

Hey guys, we want to hear from you. This is your chance to give us direct feedback. We would like to know what is your favorite Leeland song on the Sound of Melodies Record. You can only pick one. We are going to leave the voting up until the New Year. Please post your vote here! We will give you the results after January 1, 2007.
Thanks in advance for taking the time.
Leeland M.